Crest Operating Company

Petec21 is a comprehensive petroleum economics software package for discounted net cashflow analysis of oil and gas projected reserves.


  • Multiple Production Scheduling using direct, exponential,
    spacerhyperbolic and harmonic decline curves.
  • Price and Cost Escalations.
  • Ownership Interest Reversions.
  • Production Database.
  • Plotting and projection of production history using historical data.
  • Import from Excel, Lasser, Dwights or Aries.
  • Individual and Summary Present Worth calculations.
  • Reserve calculations.
  • Access formatted database.
  • Formatted outputs.



  • Price is $1750 which includes $1500 for the software and $250 for 30 days of setup and phone support. 1 year of updates is included.
  • After the initial year, updates are $500, which includes an additional of updates and support.
  • Payment is made by check to Aries Operating LP.
  • To order, call 713-759-9011 orĀ contact us.


    30 day demo (Version 4.1.24) Runs under Windows XP, XP Pro, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1